Meet InspiLab

Founded in 2014, InspiLab is a fast-growing team located in Ho Chi Minh City. We seek out hard problems that matter and try to solve them by making products that work, grow, and last.

Nguyen Ngo
Product Director & Co-founder

Nguyen (that’s his first name) graduated with a degree in Computer Science and has a solid background in computing. He also takes pride in solving problems.

Over the last 6 years, he has built products for many tech startups. At InspiLab, Nguyen is responsible for almost everything in the office; he's the chief of all the products you see today from us. Well, he's slightly lazy though.

Vu Nguyen
CTO & Co-founder

Vu has a strong engineering background, a business mindset, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Besides overseeing engineering strategy, Vu is dedicated to building a strong team of engineers to keep InspiLab stand out in the industry.

In the past, he has worked for an IT global corporation and started his entrepreneurial career after dropping out of grad school.

Alex Huynh
Business Development

Alex oversees business development at InspiLab. Previously, Alex worked as a finance manager at Philip Morris International (PMI) where he was responsible for key commercial projects and process improvements.

Prior to PMI, Alex was an investment analyst at National Australia Bank in Sydney. He loves travelling and has been to 27 countries.

What we believe

Starting a business is hard — it requires the combination of almost everything. You will always need to find great partners who share your vision and collaborate to make the product work.

If you see things the same way we do, we can be your best fit. We don’t plan to explain why we’re different or better than anyone else. We believe that technology can solve almost every problem these days but don’t rely on it as the only source of success.

We love working with fearless entrepreneurs who see opportunities where others see obstacles. We love to build lifelong relationships based on trust, respect, and a shared vision - building products that not only are simple, beautiful and easy to use, but also grow and last.

If you’re working on the next big thing, we’d love to hear about it. Email us!